BASF recently celebrated the inauguration of its second polymer dispersions production line at the Daya Bay site in Huizhou, China. According to BASF, the expansion directly responds to the rapidly growing local demand for high-quality dispersions.

The plant’s strategic location near raw material suppliers shortens delivery lead times, enhancing BASF’s competitiveness and agility in meeting customer needs. With its augmented production capacity, the plant will continue to provide comprehensive support to various industries, including paints, construction, packaging, and adhesives.

BASF reports that the company remains steadfast in its dedication to developing new and cutting-edge products that address the evolving demands in China. Andreas Fechtenkoetter, senior vice president, Dispersions Asia-Pacific, BASF, elaborated on the company's strategy for expanding production capacity, "Both existing demand and the expansion of our product offerings drive our growth. For instance, in addition to architectural and construction coatings, we have expanded our product portfolio to cater to the battery industry. Our Licity® and Basonal® Power products are essential anode binders for lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, expanding our production capacity is crucial to meet the increasing demand for batteries in China and the wider Asia Pacific region. It also elucidates the rationale behind the name change in March, transitioning from BASF Paper Chemicals Huizhou to BASF Specialty Material Huizhou, a move intended to encompass the broader range of product offerings."

BASF's dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation within traditional industries remains resolute, as exemplified by the pioneering proprietary IO-Hybrid Technology. "This technology goes beyond the product's basic functions, delivering additional benefits to customers and end users. Using interior wall coatings featuring IO-Hybrid Technology enhances opacity, resulting in superior interior design aesthetics, and provides antimicrobial properties within 24 hours. Furthermore, this innovative technology eliminates the need for customers to add in-can biocide to paints, thereby reducing VOC emissions," said Mirian Tiemi Zanchetta-Sbragia, Vice President, Business Management, Dispersions Asia Pacific, BASF.

Since its establishment in 2012, the Daya Bay plant has played an important role in supporting growth in Southern China. The groundbreaking for its second production line took place in the fourth quarter of 2022. As of the second quarter of 2024, the new production line is fully operational.

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