Chemical company OQ Chemicals has received the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) Plus for its production site at Bay City, Texas. The certification marks a significant milestone for the company, which is already certified at its European sites in Monheim, Germany; Marl, Germany; Oberhausen, Germany; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

ISCC is a globally recognized system focusing on mass balance certifications and aligns with the Circular Economy and the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) of the European Commission. OQ Chemicals reports that the ISCC Plus certificate strengthens the company’s capacity to offer customers the OxBalance product line, a sustainable alternative to its fossil-based portfolio with the same quality and performance.

Dr. Claudia Fischer, director global business development at OQ Chemicals, explained, “With OxBalance, we offer an extended range of products that reduce environmental impact by utilizing bio-based and renewable feedstock. Looking ahead, we aim to expand our sustainable offerings. By leveraging our expertise and experience gained from ISCC Plus certification at our global production facilities, we support customers in achieving their sustainability goals. We are well positioned to meet the growing demand for sustainable chemical solutions.”

Specializing in oxo chemicals like aldehydes, alcohols, carboxylic acids, and acetate esters, OQ Chemicals’ Bay City site caters to global market demands. Recent investments in capacity increases and efficiency projects at the site have further strengthened operational capabilities and ensured improved supply security for customers.

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