Mactac® recently announced an expansion in the company’s manufacturing capability, enabling production of industrial tapes from all four primary adhesive technology platforms. Through its newly acquired Minneapolis facility, Mactac has added solvent and aqueous coating capacities to its hot-melt rubber and UV-cured acrylic technologies.  

The expansion allows Mactac to offer customers a wider range of industrial tape solutions. It enhances adhesive coating capabilities and enables custom top-coating, custom mixing, including incorporating optical brighteners and functional additives like silica, flame retardants, pigments, and more. 

"The Minneapolis facility expands our adhesive offering and our ability to make unique products to solve complex bonding challenges," said Janet Page, business unit manager, Mactac Engineered Tapes & Laminates. 

Mactac is a preferred supplier of industrial tapes. The company's known material science expertise combined with its reputation of manufacturing excellence offers a unique mix of capability and service.  

"We supply our customers with reasonable minimums and industry-leading turnaround times," added Page.  

Mactac plans to launch several new products throughout the next two years to meet the needs of customers across all market segments. Near-future introductions will include tapes designed for use in automotive and transportation applications, as well as other demanding applications. 

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