DeWAL Industries Inc. is now manufacturing a PTFE-coated foil that combines a thin layer of PTFE with 0.005” thick aluminum foil.

The aluminum is coated on the other side with a pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive for a sure grip on metal, glass or ceramic surfaces.

The result, D/W 351, is a heat-resistant tape featuring PTFE’s chemical resistance, wide operating temperatures and a low coefficient of friction. The foil backing is comprised of a standard 3003 grade of aluminum.  Properties are consistent because of the foil’s uniform thickness of 0.005” with a tolerance of +/- 5%.

DeWAL D/W 351 is used in applications like high volume heat-sealing equipment in food packaging and bagging, and as a limited-use wear strip.  D/W 351 is available in widths from 0.5” to 12”. The roll length is 11 yards.

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