Zeon Chemicals has extended the range of their Chemisat product line with the introduction of Chemisat LCH 7272. Chemisat LCH 7272 is an innovative hydrogenated NBR in latex form that offers advanced adhesive properties, with resistance to heat, fluid, ozone, UV rays, oxygen and abrasion.

LCH 7272 provides heat aging superior to conventional NBRs’ lattices. The production of Chemisat involves hydrogenation of latex without an intervening conversion to a dry HNBR (unlike conventional HNBR processes) and doesn’t require the use of solvents.

Chemisat is an excellent companion to hydrogenated nitrile rubber (Zetpol®). Elastomer applications (such as belts and hoses) require fabric reinforcements to give them the needed strength. Reinforcing these fabrics by pre-coating with Chemisat and molding with Zetpol creates products with exceptional strength and long-term aging properties.

Potential Chemisat applications include: gasketing; fabric coatings for RFL adhesive clips; glass and glass cord coatings; and more.

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