The Grinding & Dispersion Division of Netzsch Inc. expands its proven MiniZETA* laboratory-sized equipment line to include two new non-metal versions, the MiniCer and MiniPur. Engineered to function using the ZETA* grinding system, the MiniCer is manufactured with Zircon Oxide wetted components, the MiniPur with polyurethane wetted components. Both machines are simple to operate, compact in design and feature an adjustable position chamber for fast, easy cleaning and product changes. The MiniCer and MiniPur are both high-energy grinding systems used to reduce particles to a targeted size. They are capable of handling batch sizes down to 250 mL with a chamber volume of 150 mL. The machines are optimized for circulation or discrete pass milling and can effectively produce nanoparticles using the Dynamic Cartridge System. The Mini Series is designed specifically for formulation development work, scientific and academic trials or small batch production. Typical applications include: Ink jet inks, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, dyes, detergents, food, additives, biotechnology and any non-metallic materials.

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