ATS RheoSystems has introduced its new STRESSTECH HR Rheometer equipped with novel UV Cure Monitoring Accessory and proprietary Fast Oscillation Data Acquisition Software. The instrument utilizes integrated light-triggering capability and data collection rates greater than 100 points/s, along with combined shrinkage measurements for monitoring the real-time cure profiling of light activated DNS materials. The information is critical to optimizing formulations and processing conditions, and for predicting production performance and acceptance. Rheology, the science of dealing with the flow and deformations of materials, provides a link between the chemistry of the samples and its processing and performance qualities, including line speed, cure time, shrinkage, and ultimate mechanical strength. The new rheometer utilizes Fast Oscillation Data Analysis that allows for real time UV cure profiling and shrinkage determination by providing the ability to capture the rapid, transient changes in the material. The STRESSTECH HR Rheometer, along with RheoExplorer V5 software, is designed to allow accurate measurements of DNS materials which typically exhibit shrinkage of 10-15% while curing.

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