The new EFOS family of UV/visible spot-curing systems offers several different systems. The UV 75 is an inexpensive, hand-held unit ideal for bench-top use and low-volume curing requirements. The EFOS Lite is a versatile, economical curing system ideal for use in manual precision-assembly environments, and offers more power and features than the UV 75. The Acticure™ has twice the power of the EFOS Lite and is ideal for both precision manual assembly and automated environments. It also has user-changeable optical filters and combines several other features with the ability to set and maintain output intensity. The Novacure® is the most advanced unit. A microprocessor, accessed from a key pad, allows the user to program the desired exposure by intensity or time. Intensity levels are automatically maintained for repeatable exposures. A built-in radiometer ensures system integrity, and calibrations are done without separate equipment.