Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.'s Airless Flat-Spray Valve is designed to eliminate spray-nozzle orientation problems. The Model 2200-245-130 Kiss No-Drip valve delivers precise, repeatable patterns of sprayable sealants, adhesives and lubricants. Engineered for robotic applications, the valve can also be fixed or manual-handle mounted for use in many applications. To achieve repeatable spray-pattern location, Sealant Equipment's valve incorporates mounting flats on the seat-housing assembly and utilizes unique flat-sided spray tips that can be installed in only one direction. The 2200-245-130 eliminates the need to reprogram the robot tool-tip center-point locations each time a new tip is installed. Other valves, such as those with collar-mounted spray tips, rotate as the collar is tightened and require valuable production downtime to reprogram the robot's spray pattern.

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