Eastman Chemical and Ashland Distribution Co.’s Industrial Chemicals & Solvents (IC&S) Division have established a supplier/distributor, machine-to-machine connection that allows Ashland’s IC&S Division to order products from Eastman more efficiently.

Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn., and Ashland Distribution Co.’s Industrial Chemicals & Solvents (IC&S) Division, Dublin, Ohio, have established a supplier/distributor, machine-to-machine connection that allows Ashland’s IC&S Division to order products from Eastman more efficiently.

Ashland’s IC&S Division is a leading North American distributor of chemicals, solvents, additives and raw materials. The division purchases products from leading manufacturers, like Eastman, to distribute to IC&S customers in industries as diverse as adhesives; paint and coatings; printing inks; plastics compounding; chemical manufacturing; metalworking lubricants; and household, industrial and institutional cleaning products.

The initial project was conducted in one IC&S Division purchasing region and included all products purchased by IC&S from Eastman. The project will be expanded to IC&S purchasing areas throughout the United States over the next few months.

“This direct connection with Eastman’s ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) system enhances the speed and accuracy of placing orders with Eastman, improving overall supply-chain efficiency and supporting our ability to react quickly to customer requests,” said William C. Merz, vice president, Ashland’s Industrial Chemicals & Solvents Division.

Ashland Distribution has launched several e-commerce projects over the past year and utilized this experience, as well as the e-commerce experience of Eastman, to establish this business-to-business connection.

“We believe in providing our customers and suppliers with a variety of choices to interact with us, including our distribution divisions’ e-commerce Web sites and system-to-system connections with both customers and suppliers. By offering both e-commerce and other traditional commerce channels, we are better able to serve our partners in today’s technology environment,” said Peter M. Bokach, president, Ashland Distribution Co.

“We plan to continue adding more system-to-system connections with our suppliers and customers to ensure that we maximize the value we bring to these partnerships,” Bokach added.

Headquartered in Kingsport, Tenn., Eastman Chemical Co. manufactures and markets chemicals, fibers and plastics. An e-commerce leader within the chemical industry, Eastman employs approximately 15,000 people in more than 15 countries and had year-2000 sales of $5.3 billion. Visit Eastman’s Web site at www.eastman.com for more information on the company.

Ashland Distribution Co., a division of Ashland Inc., is a leading distributor of chemicals, plastics, fiber reinforcements and fine ingredients in North America, and a leading Pan-European distributor of plastics. Ashland Distribution has more than 100 distribution sites serving North America and Europe. Visit www.ashdist.com to learn more about these operations, or go directly to the Industrial Chemicals & Solvents Division at www.go2ashland.com.