The silicone sealant anchors the protective film to the window frame.
A high-performance structural sealant from Dow Corning, Midland, Mich., has proven to be a key component in new laminated-glass designs, which are helping to reduce potential injury to building occupants and passersby through extremely durable, impact-resistant glazing systems. Critical properties include the silicone formulation's high tensile and shear strength, as well as its excellent adhesion to glass and common window-frame materials. The result is a window system that delivers dramatically increased protection from hurricanes and tornadoes, criminal trespass and even bomb blasts.

Whether factory-laminated or retrofitted on-site, impact-resistant window systems drastically reduce the potential for flying glass in an emergency situation, helping to eliminate one of the leading causes of injury. In addition to its high strength, Dow CorningR 995 Silicone Structural Sealant delivers long-term flexibility and outstanding resistance to harsh weather, extreme temperatures and UV exposure. The unique formulation maintains positive adhesion, even when window frames bend or twist under impact, wind load or other stressful conditions.

"This sealant is the anchor point in the most advanced window systems in the industry," said Dow Corning senior technical service specialist, Bill O'Brien. "Protective glazing systems incorporate a shatter-resistant glazing infill (such as a laminated glass or glass with a protective polyester film) with an attachment system such as Dow Corning 995 Silicone Structural Sealant, which keeps the infill attached to the frame, even after a severe impact."

The sealant is a one-component, self-priming formulation that cures to a tough, elastomeric solid specifically designed for structural glazing. The material has demonstrated excellent unprimed adhesion to most common building substrates, including reflective glass, anodized aluminum, granite and painted surfaces (including most fluoropolymers).

Dow Corning 995 is virtually unaffected by exposure to sunlight, rain, sleet, snow or extreme temperatures. It retains its design properties even after years of exposure, forming a warrantable, weather-tight bond that can last for 20 years.

Dow Corning develops, manufactures and markets a diverse range of silicon-based materials. Currently offering more than 10,000 products to customers around the world, the company is a global leader in silicon-based technology, with shares equally owned by The Dow Chemical Co. and Corning Inc.

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