Paratherm has one of the 10 best-designed Web sites among mid-market manufacturers.

Jerry Jasinowski (left), president of National Association of Manufacturers, presents the 1999 Outstanding Web Site Award to Andy Andrews, export sales manager at Paratherm Corp.
Paratherm Corp., Conshohocken, Pa., a manufacturer of non-toxic, environmentally friendly heat-transfer fluids, has one of the 10 best-designed Web sites among mid-market manufacturers, according to a nationwide study and awards program conducted by RSM McGladrey, Inc.

RSM McGladrey is one of the largest accounting, tax and business-consulting firms in the United States, and is a recognized authority on Web-site design, presentation and usage. The company recently conducted the Outstanding Web Sites Mid-Market Business Study to identify industry Web sites that reflect excellence in content, technique and execution. The goal of the study and corresponding awards program is to promote the effective use of Web technologies among various industries, including manufacturing. The study and awards program were co-sponsored by AT&T and the National Association of Business Manufacturers.

Judges reviewed the Web sites of nearly 1,000 manufacturers. In judging the sites, they evaluated how well the sites meet criteria in five major categories considered crucial to developing and maintaining an outstanding presence on the Web. The categories are information, customer service, design and layout, quality, and connectivity.

Paratherm’s Web site ( successfully meets the study’s criteria, in part, by ensuring easy accessibility and convenience for the user, including such areas as download time. The judges deemed the information provided on Paratherm’s Web pages as timely, accurate and substantial in the quality of its content.

“We designed our Web site to be more than an on-line product catalog,” said John Fuhr, president of Paratherm. “It’s a major source of information about the overall capabilities of heat-transfer fluids, their safe use with thermal fluid systems, and their ability to meet manufacturing and other processing needs in a world that is becoming increasingly conscious of safeguarding the environment for future generations.”

The company’s Web site includes comprehensive product specifications, technical data comparing Paratherm’s heat-transfer fluids to competitive products, user benefits, safety and maintenance tips, company news and case histories, and a history of the company. The design allows for seamless navigation to any desired point of reference. Interactive tools are also available to the user, and purchases of heat-transfer fluids can be made on-line.