The adhesives are easily applied by troweling onto the substrates.
Wood-flooring contractors and installers have a new type of adhesive that outperforms urethane and water-based formulas -- one that creates an elastomeric, waterproof bond that is impermeable to moisture, avoids hollow spots and does not promote cupping or end-lifting problems.

Meta-Tec (patent pending) is a high-solids, one-part reactive cross-linking amide-ester-acrylate chemistry created by W.F. Taylor Co., Fontana, Calif., for wood flooring as well as other flooring materials and construction-adhesive applications. This system forms an interpenetrating network adhesive that exhibits early wet-lay properties of quick initial-grab "green strength," strong elastomeric bond, hydrophobic (waterproof) film and low-VOC emissions.

"Our new Meta-Tec technology-based generation of wood-flooring adhesives are stable products that react under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions to solve the problems associated with urethane, solvent-based and emulsion-based adhesives -- without the worry of potentially unhealthy solvent or isocyanate emissions," said W.F. Taylor President Jack Raidy Jr.

"Taylor Meta-Tec adhesive technology is precisely what the wood-flooring industry has needed ever since the Clean Air Act and other air-quality restrictions were implemented. This is the first total solution for wood-flooring installations," said W.F. Taylor Executive Vice President Barry Wright.

Using ASTM Method E96-00, the apparatus is weighed after 24 hours to determine weight loss, indicating the transfer of water vapor through the adhesive film.
Taylor 2071 Tuff-Lok X-Link wood-flooring adhesive is the premier Meta-Tec product. "Its wet-lay installation requires no flash time. Plus, this easy-to-apply, non-slumping product greatly reduces installation time. The high-solids, cross-linking adhesive based on amide-ester-acrylate chemistry has over 50% more shear strength than urethane adhesives 24 hours after the initial application," said Wright. In addition, Meta-Tec 2071 develops higher shear strength after three-months aging compared to a commercial moisture-cure urethane wood-flooring adhesive, as shown in the graph.

Meta-Tec 2071 Tuff-Lok X-Link wood-flooring adhesive was tested to determine its moisture-transmission rate according to ASTM Method E96-00 Standard Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials. The results obtained by an independent lab are shown in the table and compared with published data for two commercial moisture-cure urethane wood adhesives from a major supplier. The Meta-Tec product was shown to have as good or better resistance to moisture as the urethane products.

Taylor 2061 Tuff-Grip TPS wood-flooring adhesive is a transitional pressure-sensitive Meta-Tec formula that develops quick initial tack with over 400% more dry-film shear strength than pressure sensitive adhesives currently available. The initial tack promotes immediate bonding of the wood plank without excessive slippage, and it aggressively holds the normal bowing often characteristic of engineered plank products.

Meta-Tec adhesives form a flexible, cured bond that is proven to be an excellent solution for the prevention of hollow spots that would occur as a result of minor imperfections in the sub-floor. The hydrophobic bond repels moisture and offers vapor-retardant, alkali-resistant characteristics to wood-flooring installations.

2061 Tuff-Grip TPS and 2071 Tuff-Lok X-Link adhesives are packaged in convenient four-gallon pails.
The company recommends its new 2071 Tuff-Lok X-Link and 2061 Tuff-Grip TPS wood-flooring adhesives for the installation of dry-backed and foam-backed parquet; 3-, 5- and 7-ply engineered plank; acrylic-impregnated plank; long plank; shorts; and pre-finished solid wood (5/16", 1/2" and 3/4"). Taylor 2071 is also recommended for the installation of bamboo flooring.

Both of these VOC-compliant products were introduced at the National Wood Flooring Association conference in Palm Springs, Calif., and are available for shipment.