If you expect to stay in business, sooner or later you come to the realization that you need to market your products. For instance, Bostik, based in Middleton, Mass., proudly announced a new mastic promotion in November. Bostik contractors or distributors who purchase one pallet (48 3.5-gallon pails) of Hydroment 700l and/or ProStik Mastic will receive a free pair of Timberland PRO™ Series Workboots.

Customers simply fill out a coupon upon purchase and return it to Bostik with proof-of-purchase; within six weeks the Timberland boots will be shipped. The offer is limited to one pair of boots per coupon, three pair per customer. The promotion expires October 31, 2000, and is only for purchases made between November 1, 1999, and September 30, 2000. The offer is void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.

ProStik and 7001 ceramic tile adhesives are high-performance, premium-grade mastics used for the interior installation of all types of ceramic and stone tile (except moisture-sensitive marble). Bostik’s mastics are ready to use, trowel easily and provide excellent vertical grab for large-bodied tiles.

For more information on Bostik’s flooring products, or this promotion, call 800-7-BOSTIK or 800-726-7845, or visit the corporate Web site at www.bostik.com.

Not nearly as dramatic, but extremely effective, is a staple of many publicity programs — the press kit. The kit, essentially, is a folder that contains news releases, photos, backgrounders and other materials that media can use to provide coverage on a company or organization.

An article by the public relations firm of DeFrancesco/Goodfriend, Chicago, does an excellent job of guiding sales and marketing professionals on developing a press kit.

The article points out that press kits are frequently used:

  • At trade shows, for press rooms and at the booth.

  • At press conferences, for distribution to the media in attendance. (I attended a press event on Polymeric System’s SUM PAK Single Use Mixer Package at ASSEMBLY Tech Expo last fall. The article appears on page 50.)

  • Before and during executive interviews and

  • In mailings to the media.

    Press kits often contain:

  • Press releases announcing new products and/or services, new company developments (like a plant expansion or an industry award), new executives, or a company milestone.

  • A fact sheet on the organization.

  • A feature story that reflects the company’s products or services. For example, a company that markets a range of glues and adhesive products could include an article that provides consumer tips on selecting the best glue for the job.

  • Biographies of key executives.

  • A list of article ideas.

  • Photos and slides to illustrate the contents of the press kit.

  • Existing printed materials on the organization such as a corporate brochure, an annual report or a product bulletin.

For additional information on developing a press kit, contact DeFrancesco/ Goodfriend at 312-644-4409.