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After acquiring assets from Hercules, Eastman now offers the broadest line of resins for the adhesives market.
Eastman Chemical Co., Kingsport, Tenn., recently announced certain asset acquisitions from Hercules Inc., Wilmington, Del. Eastman acquired all of Hercules' hydrocarbon resin line, a portion of the rosin resins, and all of the resin dispersions and tall oil fatty acids. Eastman now offers the industry's broadest range of hydrocarbon and rosin resin derivatives.

Customers of Hercules tackifying resins acquired by Eastman are continuing to get the high-quality products that they have come to trust for their formulations. The names of some of those products are being adjusted, however, as part of the agreement between Eastman and Hercules.

The name adjustments follow a logical pattern that makes it easy for customers of these resins to identify the products they use. An explanation for the name changes for hydrocarbon resins, rosin resins, resin dispersions and other products follows.

In general, acquired products that were branded HerculesR now are named EastmanR. For the most part, letter and numerical suffixes that followed the Hercules brand names remain unchanged. All products branded with a "Herc" root name, such as HercuresR or HercotacR are being changed. Customers should contact their sales representative for more information on specific products.

Aliphatic C5 resins branded AdtacR, Hercotac, Hercures and PiccopaleR that were acquired by Eastman are adopting the name PiccotacR, already a well-known brand in this category that stands for value. Modified Hercotac aromatic resins also are using the Piccotac brand and include a four-digit numerical designation assigned to each product. The first number represents the percent of aliphatic content, and the last three indicate softening point in Celsius degrees. For fully aliphatic resins, the first digit is 1.

For all aromatic C9 resins, another well-known brand - PiccoR - now represents all Hercules resins acquired by Eastman. The numeric designations for these products are not changing.

RegaliteR remains the name for hydrogenated resins acquired with this brand. A letter, either T, V, R or S, indicates the specific type of hydrogenated resin, and a four-digit suffix following the letter identifies the degree of hydrogenation and softening point in Celsius degrees. The names Eastman or PlastolynR replace the Hercules brand name for other acquired hydrogenated resins, along with the current RegalrezR and Regalite brands.

HercoliteR and Hercules branded pure monomer resins now are named either Plastolyn or Eastman. Other pure monomer brands - KristalexR, PiccotexR, PiccolasticR and EndexR - are not changing.

HercolynR hydrogenated rosin esters change to ForalynR H. The numerical designation remains the same. Hercules PAD-E hydrogenated rosin now is named Eastman PAD-E hydrogenated rosin.

Hercules branded rosin esters now are named either Eastman or PermalynR. Ester Gum 8D-SP remains the same, but the Hercules brand is dropped.

Ester Gum 10D wood rosin also remains the same, and the Hercules name is dropped as it is for rosin esters.

Modified rosins with a "Herc" root name are branded Eastman.

Names for resin dispersions generally will not change. Exceptions to this rule are those with the Hercules brand name, which is being dropped, and those that are unbranded. In these cases, the brand name will be Eastman.

The Hercules DresinateR/amine product name is changing to Eastman Dresinate/amine.

All acquired Hercules and Hercures branded solvents now are named Eastman. Letter and numerical suffixes that identify specific products remain unchanged.

Customers can visit the Eastman Web site,, for a more comprehensive explanation and list of the Hercules products acquired by Eastman. Additional information will be provided to help customers facilitate ordering these products by calling Eastman Chemical Co. at 1-800-EASTMAN. Or Circle No. 72