LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany -- Together with Pagendarm BTT GmbH, BASF is building a technical center facility for aqueous pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that is designed to operate at a maximum speed of 1,500 meters per minute, making it the fastest coating machine for pressure sensitive adhesives in the world. Joint trials with customers are planned to start in 2003. The new facility, located in Ludwigshafen, is part of a capital expenditure program, under which the technical center for PSAs is currently being modernized. In this connection, the existing facility of Pagendarm will be revamped for the sole use of UV hot melt adhesives at a maximum speed of 600 meters per minute.

Aqueous PSAs are marketed by BASF under the brand name AcronalR, and the UV hot melt adhesives under the brand name acResinR.

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