Philadelphia -- Rohm and Haas Co. is investing approximately US $20 million to build a facility in Mumbai, India. This plant will produce polyurethane- and polyester-based adhesives, adhesive formulations for flexible-packaging applications, and acrylic emulsions for pressure sensitive adhesives. It will also produce water-based latex found in end-use products such as paints and coatings. The new facility will serve the domestic market as well as the export needs of the Asia-Pacific region.

Groundbreaking took place in Taloja on March 9th, 2002, and completion is scheduled for 2003. The company identified several key factors for erecting the new plant. "Demand for flexible-packaging adhesives has grown significantly in India," said Nick Gutwein, adhesives and sealants vice president and worldwide business director for Rohm and Haas Co. "Building a facility here allows Rohm and Haas to bring to our Indian customers our broad adhesives portfolio with responsiveness, timely local supply and excellent cost positions. Additionally, the plant's location facilitates expected future business growth elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific Region," continued Gutwein.

The company has made a number of significant investments in its adhesives and sealants business in recent months. Its new adhesives and sealants plant in Brazil recently began operation, while in 2001, acquisitions of the Megum rubber-to-metal bonding business from Chemetall Co. and the Technical Coatings Coseal cold seal business from Benjamin Moore & Co. brought significant products and technology to customers in the automotive and packaging industries. In addition, Rohm and Haas will soon open a 37,000-sq-ft Midwest Technical Center near Chicago to provide commercial and technical service support for packaging, and structural adhesives and sealants.

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