BP, London, announced it is re-launching its worldwide portfolio of polybutenes under a single brand name, Indopol. The new Indopol range will include the entire line of BP's polybutenes, formerly marketed under the Napvis, Hyvis and Indopol brand names.

Indopol polybutenes are used to improve properties such as tack, bond strength and water resistance in adhesives. In sealants, they add permanence, improve adhesion and cohesion, and lessen shrinkage.

The consolidation of the complete range of polybutenes into a single, globally aligned grade slate under the Indopol brand is a major step forward for the business, according to Frank Robertson, general manager, PIB, PAO, Panasols.

"Since the merger between BP and Amoco, we have brought the two companies' polybutenes businesses together and consolidated our manufacturing base," said Robertson. "Now, bringing together the complete polybutene range as Indopol, we will provide far greater clarity to our customers worldwide, allowing them readily to see the full range of products we offer."

BP is a leading global player in the polybutenes market and the world's largest merchant seller of the chemicals. The company produces polybutenes at plants at Lavera, France, and Whiting, Ind.

"Introducing the global Indopol range will bring clarity to the product offering, allowing us to further improve customer service and help our customers meet their demanding requirements," said Chris Clifton, global business manager for polybutenes. "Our aim is to provide our customers both choice and value by manufacturing and selling the broadest product range that allows versatile solutions for demanding requirements, whatever the application."

BP's global polybutene business operates in more than 50 countries, supported by its regional sales teams, with customer-support centers in America, Asia and Europe. The main polybutenes research and business-support center is in Naperville, Ill.

In August 2001, BP announced that it intended to consolidate its polybutenes production in North America at its plant in Whiting, Ind., closing its production unit at Texas City, Texas, in the fourth quarter of 2001.