Binks offers two new ASME Code PT Tanks as the only PT tanks on the market to meet OSHA regulations for flammable and combustible materials. The Stainless Steel and Zinc for Waterborne Coatings Tank is ideal for waterborne coatings when used with a disposable tank liner. It features a 300-grade stainless steel lid and all wetted parts in the lid assembly, including fluid tube, outlet elbow and fitting, and agitator shaft. The Zink Plated Tank for Solvent-based coatings includes all zinc-plated parts and can be used with an optional disposable tank liner. Both tanks can be fitted with Binks' unique agitator for continuous and thorough mixing of "hard-to-mix" and fast-drying materials. The Binks PT Tank Series are made to ASME specifications and meet NFPA33 and OSHA regulations when using flammable and combustible materials. In addition, all PT Series tanks feature a 2.8 gallon capacity and low profile tank design, which accepts U.S. and Canadian one-gallon shipping containers.

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