CLEVELAND – The Freedonia Group predicts that demand for radiation-cured products in the United States will increase more than 10% per year to 200 million pounds in the year 2003, significantly outpacing gains in the general economy. This trend and other observations are presented in the group’s new study calledRadiation-Cured Products.

Demand for radiation-cured products has consistently outpaced the general economy due to the continuing development of new products and applications. Despite average declines, prices for radiation-cured materials will remain well above those of their conventionally cured counterparts. Thus, market value will increase nearly 10% to $1.3 billion in 2003.

Adhesives to Show Rapid Gains

The most rapid gains will be in radiation-cured adhesives and other products. Demand for adhesives will benefit from the continuing technological advances, especially for silicone release agents used in tapes and labels, and structural adhesives used in electrical and electronic equipment. Demand for other radiation-cured products will benefit from expansions in the electrical and electronics market as well as from greater acceptance in the medical and dental fields.

Coatings the Largest Product Segment

Coatings will remain the largest product segment, accounting for 51 percent of volume demand in 2003. Major advantages to using radiation-cured coatings include the ability to coat heat-sensitive materials, the overall better quality of finished products and near-instantaneous cure. Favorable demand in the flooring and furniture markets will buoy gains, driven by the need for versatile, durable, high-gloss products.

The packaging, printing and publishing markets will continue to account for the majority of the demand for radiation-cured products. However, the strongest annual gains are linked to several other markets, particularly electrical and electronic materials, flooring and furniture, as well as smaller, miscellaneous markets such as motor vehicles, and medical and dental products.

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