Dr. Yu-Ping Yang has joined EWI, Columbus, OH, as a Senior Engineer. Yang has more than 13 years of industrial-related research experience in computational mechanics, product design, and fabrication with a solid background in mechanical and welding engineering. His main area of expertise is computational thermal and mechanical modeling of welding, cutting, forming and plate mill processes. He has extensive experience in the prediction and control of welding and cutting-induced distortion in both light and heavy complex structures. Prior to joining EWI, Yang spent eight years at Battelle Memorial Institute. While at Battelle, Yang excelled in a number of positions, including Post Doctoral Researcher, Research Scientist, and Principal Research Scientist. He developed a number of finite-element thermomechanical modeling procedures and tools to simulate welding, cutting, hot-metal gas forming, and post-welding heat treatment processes in several large government and industrial projects. In addition, he developed a creep and fatigue life prediction method to access the safety of high-temperature service equipment such as microchannel equipment. Most recently, as a key team member, Yang was involved in the development of VFT welding simulation software for predicting and controlling welding-induced residual stress and distortion in large and complicated structures.

For more information, visit http://www.ewi.org or call (614) 688-5000.