Hot-melt silicone tests well on 78º glazing table

Dow Corning Corp., a global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, announces a new solution for customers wanting to improve productivity of their backbedding operations. Dow Corning®InstantGlaze window assembly sealant allows manufacturers to produce high-quality windows and doors using the vertical sealant application technology of 78° glazing tables.

According to Jerry Wells, sales representative for Erdman Automation Corp. (EAC), InstantGlaze is the first sealant tested that meets their performance requirements for the new vertical model of their EACYPLY Hand Assist Glazing Table.

The EACYPLY hand assist glazing table.
"All cold-applied products we tested sagged along the top edge," said Wells. "InstantGlaze adhered immediately to both wood and vinyl substrates without sagging."

According to Wells, EAC introduced its 78° glazing table in response to manufacturer demand. Because other assembly stations run at that angle, a vertical glazing table eliminates the need to raise and lower the product for traditional horizontal glazing application methods, saving time and labor.

A new reactive silicone hot-melt, InstantGlaze window assembly sealant allows window and door manufacturers to fabricate high-quality products while increasing productivity up to 33% over tape glazing. InstantGlaze optimizes the capabilities of automated and semi-automated backbedding technology, reducing labor requirements and increasing output so dramatically that the payback period for equipment can be as short as nine months under certain conditions.

The sealant's patented formulation delivers the superior performance of silicone without the squeeze-out problems and cure hold times of other wet glazing methods. InstantGlaze has a 24-hour pot life and up to 15 minutes of open time, yet develops instant green strength so there are no fabrication delays. The sealant gives immediate aggressive adhesion, without sagging, to vinyl, wood, glass, aluminum, painted or treated wood, high performance paint and fiberglass.

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