Reichhold has announced the introduction of Arolon 848, a key addition to their line of waterborne acrylics for industrial coatings. 848 is an acrylic emulsion designed to produce durable coatings that offer very good corrosion and humidity resistance, even in coatings as thin as 1 mil. Other key features include good thin-film prohesion and hardness, good flexibility, excellent block resistance, inhibitive pigment stability, and excellent adhesion to various plastics and metals, including galvanized steel. Arolon 848 is a versatile workhorse resin suitable for both OEM and Industrial Maintenance coatings, and it can easily be formulated for airless spray in HAP's-free solvents. Key applications include air and force-dry enamels, topcoats and primers, air and force-dry topcoats for metal and plastics, and industrial maintenance DTM coatings.

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