Franklin Adhesives & Polymers announced the launch of Covinax 625 emulsion PSA. Covinax 625 offers performance and versatility for a wide range of durable label and tape applications.

With improved performance, emulsion PSAs have gained popularity in multiple durable applications compared to solvent-based PSAs due to its environmental benefits from being solvent-free and the reduced total applied cost. The adhesives for durable applications incorporates high adhesion to various surfaces while having good cohesive strength to withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, and temperature fluctuations.

“At Franklin, we take pride in our reputation for delivering customized and innovative solutions that meet the application and processing needs of our customers,” said Zhaohui Sun, vice president, Polymer Business. “Due to the product’s well-balance of adhesion and cohesion, Covinax 625 provides a strong foundation for durable label and tape applications. Formulations derived from COV 625 find use across a wide range of applications including security labels, safety and warning labels, drum labels, permanent graphics, and double-sided tape for assemblies.”

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