The versatility of Masterflex® tubing pumps has been further enhanced with the introduction of the new Masterflex L/S Pump Adapter from Barnant Company. Now, existing Masterflex L/S pump heads - whether they are Standard, Easy-Load, High-Performance or Easy-Load 3 heads - can be mounted on a Masterflex I/P size drive using this simple-to-install adapter. For multiple channel applications, the adapter allows users to drive up to two Masterflex L/S Standard or Easy-Load pump heads stacked in front of each other. The ability to use different sizes of L/S pumps on the same I/P drive makes the L/S Pump Adapter ideal for blending applications as well as for applications that require frequent pump reconfiguration. And because the rollers on stacked Easy-Load heads are offset, uniting the two flow channels into a single output line results in greatly reduced pulsation - a measured reduction of up to 95 percent.

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