The Dispense Works Robot is a complete dispensing system that requires no external valve controller, PC or handheld pendant. The system features pre-programmed advanced functions, including the ability to import .DXF, .PLT and G-Code files direct. Program size and number of files are limited only to the capacity of the enclosed Compact Flash Card. In addition, an advanced Jog & Teach feature is also included for simple program building requiring no files or PC knowledge. Unlike many "generic" systems, parts remain stationary for rigid and stable fixturing while only the valve positioned from overhead on a high-speed gantry system. The built-in digital valve controller will operate virtually any dispense valve, spray head, syringe, pump, etc. to satisfy the most demanding applications. Pre-loaded leadscrews and ball slides in each axis result in machine tool-like performance and accuracy. These systems are designed and manufactured in the USA to suit the needs of any industry, not only for dispensing, but also for custom applications requiring automated indexing, part handling/feeding, and assembly operations.

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