PPG Aerospace - PRC-DeSoto has developed the aerospace industry's first lightweight multipurpose aerospace sealant that meets requirements for sealing both fuel tank and fuselage fasteners. Developed for Airbus, PR-1782 polysulfide sealant made by PPG Aerospace is one-third lighter and cures two-thirds faster than previous-generation sealants, according to the company. Extrusion-grade PR-1782B sealant has been qualified to both Airbus specifications AIMS 04 05 001 for fuselage sealant and AIMS 04 05 012 for fuel tank sealant. Class A grade for brush application and class C grade for roller application are being qualified. The new PPG universal sealant was designed to replace as many as 10 products at Airbus while being lightweight and fast curing, according to John Sands, global business platform manager for Aerospace sealants. "Today's aircraft and production methods require higher-performing sealants," Sands said. "An airplane as large as the A380, for example, needs lighter-weight materials. High build rates require faster-curing sealants. And having subassemblies constructed at different sites requires commonality of products to eliminate complexity in the range of sealants used to reduce inventory and waste."

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