The new Moyno Series 4 Annihilator grinder is now equipped with high-performance cutters for greater cutting efficiency. The Annihilator, a twin-shaft, solids-reduction unit, includes patented spacer cutters for improved cutting efficiency, providing more than double the cutting edges of other grinders. This series of grinder is the ultimate shredding machine, utilizing bi-directional cutting teeth on the spacers as well as the cutters to prevent the typical problem of string and fibrous material binding or seizing of the machine. The patented, toothed cutting spacers increase the unit's efficiency, further decrease particle size and reduce the risk of failure from ragging. Moyno Series 4 Annihilator grinders include the standard five tooth reversible cutter on the drive shaft and a seven-tooth reversible cutter on the idler shaft. Other cutter combinations, including 11-tooth cam cutters, are also available for specific application needs.

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