DuraSeal, TruSeal Technologies' next generation, warm-edge flexible spacer system, has passed the requirements outlined by European testing standards EN1279-2, 3 and 6 according to the final report by Dutch test institute TNO-TPD. The DuraSeal spacer system for IG units (IGUs) takes optimum advantage of laminates and adhesives to reduce thermal conductivity while improving surface and corner appearance. Its warm-edge technology offers manufacturers greater flexibility in meeting European energy conservation codes, such as Part L of the UK's Building Act 1984, by limiting the amount of heat transfer through the edge seal spacer system. "The finest materials and craftsmanship are a necessity for meeting the high standards of EN1279," said August J. "Gus" Coppola, president of TruSeal. "By obtaining certification, TruSeal is once again proving itself to be one of the foremost manufacturers of IG flexible spacer systems in the world." In 1989, negotiations began to develop a European standard for IGUs that would aid in the harmonization of technical standards in the construction industry. Rather than choosing a standard from one country, ten separate standards were submitted and the best qualities from each of those standards were merged to form EN1279.

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