A fully automated, meter-mix dispense system that provides constant flow operations and can be connected to any size material reservoir has been introduced by DTIC Dispensing Technologies. The EZ-mix VR Variable Ratio Meter-Mix Dispense System is a piston-based, user-programmable, positive displacement system that provides fully repeatable shots with 0.1 cc accuracy. Featuring Constant-Flow technology, which eliminates waiting for the piston pumps to refill with material from the reservoirs, this versatile system can be hooked up to any size reservoir ranging from disposable cartridges to 55-gal or larger drums. Allowing on-the-fly variable ratio dispensing to the hundredths value via a keypad, the EZ-mix VR Variable Ratio Meter-Mix Dispense System lets users enter and store parameters such as mix ratio, dispensing speed, and piston pump refill speeds. The dispensing head has air-operated shut-off valves to eliminate dripping, and systems can be customized to meet specific two-part fluid dispensing requirements.

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