ITW Devcon celebrated its fiftieth anniversary at its headquarters in Danvers, MA, on August 27. The celebration included a luncheon, facility tours and remarks by corporate officers. Employees, family members, distributors, suppliers and community leaders were in attendance. Speakers at the ceremony included James Farrell, CEO of Devcon's parent company, Illinois Tool Works (ITW), and Devcon general manager Sevan Demirdogen. Demirdogen praised company founder Al Creighton, who was in the audience, for imparting a tradition of creative solutions. "We've come a long way," Demirdogen said, "but we have not forgotten our heritage. The concrete-block building that Al Creighton put up on this site in the early fifties had a footprint of only 1,800 sq ft. Today, we occupy 113,000 sq ft and are part of ITW, a $10 billion Fortune 200 diversified manufacturing company. With ITW's ongoing support, we will continue to honor our legacy by the creative solutions we provide our customers and the pride we bring to our jobs."

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