Troy Corp. has announced the commercialization of Troysperse 90W, a high-performance universal pigment for both aqueous and solvent systems. Troysperse 90W, which acts as a dispersant and wetting agent, can enhance the properties of many products and applications, including architectural and industrial coatings, inks, and color dispersions. Troysperse 90W is ideal for the preparation of universal colorants used to tint architectural coatings. It is effective with both organic and inorganic pigments, and promotes excellent dispersion of difficult-to-disperse organic and carbon black pigments. Troysperse 90W imparts excellent stabilization properties to a range of systems. The product is a water-soluble polymer that forms a powerful bond with the surface of the pigment and stabilizes the dispersion through electrostatic forces. Troysperse 90W reduces milling time, increases pigment loading and enhances flocculation stability, resulting in faster dispersion time and improved hiding and rheology. Aqueous pigment dispersions formulated with Troysperse 90W promote desirable properties in paints and inks, including high-color strength and gloss.