Greif, Inc. has announced the promotion of Mike Patton to senior vice president - Transformation Worldwide. Trevor Armstrong has also been promoted to senior vice president - Europe. Patton will remain located in Greif's offices in Delaware, OH, and Armstrong will stay in Greif's Vreeland office in the Netherlands. Both promotions are effective Nov. 1 and both will report to Greif's chairman and CEO, Michael Gasser. "As our businesses worldwide continue to grow, we need strong and decisive management in place at the appropriate level," Gasser says. "Trevor and Mike each have the leadership qualities and the business skills to sustain the progress we have made in transforming our company into a lean, market-focused manufacturer at all our locations internationally. They also have the vision to help us break through to the next level of success as we strive to be a low-cost, high-value supplier of packaging answers for our customers globally."

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