3D UV radiometric measurement has proven to be a challenge in the past, but now any 3D object can be profiled at any time utilizing multiple sensors. The UV 3DCURE Multi-Dimensional Measurement System incorporates up to 32 UV sensors per system (each calibrated and serialized), a Data Collection Module (DCM) that is re-chargeable and can support measurements of up to one hour using all 32 Sensors, and EIT Cure3D software. The system allows the user to place UV sensors in any of EIT's four bandwidths (UVA, UVB, UVC, UVV) on different areas of complex or irregular surfaces to determine the amount of UV energy impinging on those areas. Profile small and large parts (such as automobile fenders, automobile bodies, airplane canopies, wood furniture, composite assemblies) by placing sensors at various locations, exposing the entire part to UV, and then viewing the digitized collected data for each sensor (energy density in J/cm2 and as Irradiance in W/cm2) on a computer. The Cure3D software allows the user to import the information into a spreadsheet program and/or further customization of the data utilizing ActiveX controls.

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