Wright Pump has responded to the success of its Universal 1 (U1) Series sanitary positive displacement pumps with the new Universal 2 (U2) Series. The U2 Series pumps provide clean-in-place capabilities, unlike the U1 Series pumps, which are designed exclusively for strip cleaning. The U2 Series also conforms to 3-A Sanitary Standards, making it idea for food, beverage, dairy, personal care, biotech and pharmaceutical applications. The U2 Series showcases several features, including Wright 808-non-galling alloy rotors and helical timing gears for higher torque carrying capacity and quieter operation. The one-piece shafts are either 316L stainless steel or high-strength 17-4 PH steel, depending on pump size. A four-way mounting feature allows for more flexibility in matching pump shaft height to motor or reducer. The U2 Series also offers single and double mechanical seal options in a variety of materials. Three sizes are currently available, providing capacities to 36 GPM, with additional sizes to be released throughout 2004. Wright also offers U2 replacement parts that fit leading-brand positive displacement pumps, as well as complete remanufacturing services.

For more information, visit http://www.wrightpump.com or call (262) 650-1925.