Bostik Findley, Inc. recently launched Bostik Liquid Rivet 1152 FS adhesive/sealant, a significant advancement in one-component, urethane technology that offers extremely high thixotropy and strength. This product is a high-solids, moisture-curing formulation with very high green strength and initial tack, providing excellent high-strength elastic bonding performance. It can eliminate the need for most, if not all, mechanical fasteners when applied to proper engineering guidelines, as well as improve vibration attenuation and sound dampening. Bostik Liquid Rivet has minimal VOC (volatile organic compound) (<30 g/l) and low HAP (hazardous air pollutants) (<6 g/l) content and is compliant with both CARB and SCAQMD California air quality emissions standards. It is recommended for overhead and vertical bonding, panel holding, or to reduce clamping time typically required of a traditional adhesive/sealant. Liquid Rivet can be used for fabricating and assembling transportation and transit vehicles. It is also ideal for the construction of truck trailers and containers, recreational vehicles (RVs) and light-rail cars, as well as for van conversion.

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