Loctite SI 5972FC from Henkel is a one-part RTV silicone form-in-place-gasket (FIPG) solution that accelerates the process of electronic module sealing. With adhesion to a range of metal and plastic surfaces, the highly dispensable liquid silicone material has been specifically designed to pass OEM’s leak or blow-out pressure tests immediately after assembly – minimizing the need for time- and space-intensive staging. With its tin-free catalyst system, Loctite SI 5972FC also provides a REACH-compliant solution for safer, more sustainable manufacturing.

Module sealing is an essential final stage in the assembly process. While liquid silicone gasketing solutions have proved a versatile option that can address multiple configurations without the inventory challenges and manual assembly required by traditional rubber O-rings, the room temperature vulcanization (RTV) curing process can be time consuming. To meet stringent OEM pressure testing, post assembly staging to achieve a full cure can take several days, prolonging cycle times and consuming floor space in the manufacturing environment.

Thanks to its unique design, Loctite SI 5972FC can pass a 3-psi leak test immediately after assembly. Even higher leak test pressures can also be passed in relatively short periods. In addition, the material’s non-corrosive outgassing and low volatility (D4-D10 <0.1%) makes it ideal for sensitive electronic components. Recommended applications include Electronic Control Units (ECU), Bussed Electric Centers (BEC), Battery Disconnect Units (BDU), Electrical Power Steering (EPS) Power Packs, and ADAS (Radar) components.  

Through its tin-free catalyst and alkoxy curing system, the one-component dispensable silicone material provides a REACH compliant approach to sealing electronics. By avoiding the need for curing ovens, it also helps manufacturers reduce energy usage and carbon emissions.

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