DELO recently launched a fast-curing, silicone-free liquid sealant that protects assemblies from dust, air, and water. DELO PHOTOBOND SL4165 is reportedly ideal for use in the automotive, electronics, and white goods industries.

According to DELO, the solvent-free, flow-resistant, highly viscous sealant can be applied in any geometric shape. It cures by UV or visible light in a matter of seconds without thermal influence, enabling the cured-in-place gasket (CIPG) process. This means that the sealant cures so quickly in the manufacturing process that it can be immediately assembled and compressed. Once this is complete, the entire assembly group can be moved down the assembly line for the next process steps.

DELO reports that, with a compression set of 15%, DELO PHOTOBOND SL4165 has good elastic recovery, with the highly flexible material springing back after being compressed. These properties ensure reliable sealing and help manufacturers meet the protection requirements of IP67, the dust-protection and waterproof IP rating used for smartphone classification.

Because of their versatility, liquid adhesives and sealants are ideal for complex shapes. Compared to O-rings and molded gaskets, liquid sealants require fewer process steps and reduce machine setup times. They produce fewer rejects during production and are inexpensive to store. The production process used for this type of sealant can be easily automated, allowing any shape to be produced on one system. In addition, these sealants are suitable for in-line quality control through fluorescent detection of potential leaks.

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