Pacer Corp. has introduced a new potash crystalline feldspar mineral compound that is transparent to ultraviolet (UV) light. The new Pacer R500 Feldspar improves performance for industrial coating applications using UV curable resins because it does not interfere with the curing (polymerization) process. The result is a harder, more chemically resistant surface. Pacer R500 Feldspar can be used in a variety of applications, including rebar protective coatings, specialty epoxy coatings, factory floor paints and sealants, anti-skid and anti-slip coatings, chemically resistant coatings, UV cured coatings, and high abrasion resistant aircraft coatings. It offers improved scrub and wear resistance, improved chemical resistance, reduced costs with high loading ratios, improved anti-skid and anti-slip properties, and is UV curable at 50 percent loading with film thicknesses to 20 mils or more. In independent tests performed by the Analytical Services Group, San Jose, CA, and facilitated by Dr. John F. Kistner of Pacer Research, Pacer Feldspar R500 offered excellent UV transparency at wavelengths above 300 to over 800 nanometers. The report concluded, "Pacer R500 Feldspar is ideal for use as a filler in UV-curable formulations, even at concentrations as high as 50 percent by weight." This is important because many UV-catalysts are activated by UV energy at wavelengths between 350 and 500 nanometers. Silicon dioxide (finely ground silica), a commonly used filler, is usually unsatisfactory for UV formulations at concentrations over five percent by weight.

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