Parker Fluid Control Division has announced the availability of its new Angle Body Piston Valve line for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, steam and food processing, HVACR, and related industrial markets. The new Angle Body Piston Valve line is designed to be versatile and durable, easily handling millions of cycles in applications with high temperatures and aggressive media. The line includes valves of up to three inches in pipe size, and has temperature ratings as high as 430 degrees F due to its all-metal construction. "On/off" control, proportional control with specialized positioner units, and motorized versions of the Angle Body Piston Valves are available. Likewise, the valves are constructed with either 316L stainless steel or bronze bodies, and with various-sized metal actuators that meet pressure ratings of up to 580 psi. NPT porting is standard, and other connections are available as options.

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