In July 2004, EMS-GRILTECH placed into operation a new pilot plant for staple fibers and yarns at their Domat/Ems Switzerland location. All thermoplastic polymers with a melting point of up to 350 degrees C can be used. The count can be varied from 1.7 - 200 dtex for each filament. At this time, a range of specialty GRILON fibers using various polyamides are used with different melt points, enhanced heat or chemical resistance, and abrasion resilience. With the new pilot plant, new polymers and techniques will be tested. The technology used in the pilot plant is the same as that of EMS-GRILTECH's production plants, thereby enabling quick transfer to commercial production. Specialty fibers can be produced in quantities of a few tons, and yarns in batches of a few hundred kilograms. EMS-GRILTECH's experience with special polymers, together with the capability to test new fibers in a textile application laboratory, enables it to meet customers' requirements for new and innovative products. For example, EMS-GRILTECH plans to extend its product range of biocomponent fibers and biocomponent parts in the near future.