October 20-22 at the Chinese Military Museum, Beijing

Tiananmen Gate

LIST OF EXHIBITORS (as of August 31, 2004)

Exhibitor Name, Booth Number, Exhibiting Area

Adhesives & Sealants Industry, A42, 9 sqm

Air Products & Chemicals, A09, 24 sqm

Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp., A22, 9 sqm

Bayer Material Sciences, A33, A35, 18 sqm

Beijing Adhesive and Film Products Plant, B71, 9 sqm

Beijing Dayou Industry & Trading Co. Ltd., B76, 9 sqm

Beijing East Spring Trading Co. Ltd., C47, 9 sqm

Beijing Eastern Acrylic Chemical Technology Co. Ltd., B30, 9 sqm

Beijing King Taiwei Technology & Trade Co. Ltd., A38, 9 sqm

Beijing Organic Chemical Plant, B57, B58, 18 sqm

Changsha Chemical Industry Research Institute, B21, 9 sqm

Changzhou Hengbang Chemical Co. Ltd., C41, 9 sqm

Chem-Mat Technologies Inc., A47, 9 sqm

Cognis China, A29, A30, 18 sqm

Daeheung Chemical Co. Ltd., A13, 12 sqm

Dairen Chemical Corp., A44, A48, 18 sqm

Dalian Adhesive Research and Development Center, C100, 9 sqm

Degussa AG, A24, A25, A26, 27 sqm

Dongbu Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd., A12, 24 sqm

Dongtai Minkai Fine Chemical Co. Ltd., C18, 9 sqm

Eastman Chemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, A06, 49 sqm

ExxonMobil Chemical International, A05, 35 sqm

Fushun Geliahao Group Co., C24, C25, C26, C27, C34, C35, C36, C37, 72 sqm

GE Silicones - OSi Specialties, A04, 42 sqm

Gezhouba Adhesive Development Corp., C15, 9 sqm

Goodyear Chemical, A37, A39, 18 sqm

Guangdong Hualin Chemical Co. Ltd., C40, 9 sqm

Guangdong Jinwande Adhesives Co. Ltd., B37, B38, 18 sqm

Guangxi Tengxian Hailin Resin Plant, C85, 9 sqm

Guangxi Tongxuan Resin Chemical Co. Ltd., B63, 9 sqm

Guangzhou Baiyun Keda Resin Co. Ltd., C99, 9 sqm

Guangzhou Jianhong Chemical Factory, B45, B46, 18 sqm

Guangzhou Komo Chemicals Co. Ltd., C51, 9 sqm

Guangzhou Yuanling Decoration Material Co. Ltd., C17, 9 sqm

Guizhou Crystal Organic Chemical (Group) Co. Ltd., C19, 9 sqm

Hangzhou Tianchuang Chemical Technology Co. Ltd., C32, 9 sqm

Hebei University of Technology, C86, 9 sqm

Henkel Group, A01, A02, 77 sqm

Hoslen Electronics Tools Co. Ltd., C79, C93, 18 sqm

Huaan Machinery Co. Ltd., B69, B70, 18 sqm

Huabo Times Sci. & Tech. Development (Beijing) Co. Ltd., C88, 9 sqm

Hubei Huitian Adhesive Enterprise Co. Ltd., B26, B27, B28, B29, 36 sqm

Hubei Yingcheng Adhesive Plant, C10, 9 sqm

Hubei Yingcheng Guangda Co. Meibiao Adhesive Factory, C11, 9 sqm

Huizhou Hengda Chemical Product Co. Ltd., B40, B41, 18 sqm

Hunan Magic Power Industrial Co. Ltd., B31, B32, B33, 27 sqm

Huntsman Advanced Materials (Guangdong) Co. Ltd., A03, 35 sqm

Hwang Sun Technical Development (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., C28, C29, 18 sqm

I & J Fisnar (Hong Kong) Ltd., A41, 9 sqm

ISP (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd., A23, 9 sqm

Jea Yeu Enterprise Co. Ltd., A46, 9 sqm

Jiangsu Heisonglin Adhesive Factory, C21, 9 sqm

Kuraray Co. Ltd., A07, A08, 18 sqm

Luoyang Jiming Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., C44, 9 sqm

Minqing Huayu Adhesive Factory of Fujian, C07, 9 sqm

Nanyang Wax Fine Chemical Plant, C56, 9 sqm

New Asia Adhesive Product Co. Ltd., C54, 9 sqm

Okong Corp., A11, 24 sqm

Petrochemistry Institute of Heilongjiang, C87, 9 sqm

PSI (Qinhuangdao) Chemicals Co. Ltd., C13, 9 sqm

Quanzhou Changde Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd., B23, B24, B25, 27 sqm

Rheo Technology Co. Ltd., A20, A21, 18 sqm

Sam Won Chem Co. Ltd., A14, 12 sqm

Sandvik Process Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., A31, A32, 18 sqm

Sanxin Chemical (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., C33, 9 sqm

Sanyou (Tianjin) Polymer Technology Co. Ltd., C48, 9 sqm

Sartomer (Guangzhou) Specialty Chemicals Ltd., A40, 9 sqm

Schenectady International (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., A34, A36, 18 sqm

Shanghai Institute of Rubber Products, C08, 9 sqm

Shanghai Kangda Chemical Co. Ltd., B61, B62, B67, B68, 36 sqm

Shanghai LIRI New Chemical Materials Co. Ltd., C49, 9 sqm

Shanghai Pingqing I&T Co. Ltd., C45, 9 sqm

Shanghai Research Institute of Synthetic Resins, C14, 9 sqm

Shanghai Win Technology Development Co. Ltd., C55, 9 sqm

Shanghai Xinguang Chemical Plant, B55, B56, 18 sqm

Shanxi Sanwei Group Co. Ltd., C71, C72, 18 sqm

Shenzhen Jiadida Chemical Co. Ltd., B18, 9 sqm

Shenzhen Runwing Mechanical & Electrical Co. Ltd., B19, 9 sqm

Shijiazhuang Xiaojin Food Machinery Factory, B66, B72, 18 sqm

Sino Composite Co. Ltd., A27, A28, 18 sqm

SpecialChem, A15, 15 sqm

Suzhou Adhesive Factory, C38, 9 sqm

TAH Industries Inc., A45, 9 sqm

Taiwan Synthetic Resins & Adhesives Industrial Association, A16, A17, A18, A19, 36 sqm

Taizhou Henco Glue Co. Ltd., B34, B35, B36, 27 sqm

Taizhou Jiaojiang Qinfeng Chemical Plant, B07, 9 sqm

Texyear Industries Inc., A43, 9 sqm

Tianjin Double Horse Flavour & Fragrance New Technological Co. Ltd., C52, 9 sqm

Tong Shen Enterprise Co. Ltd., B10, B11, B22, 27 sqm

Vixxol Corp., A10, 24 sqm

Wenling Shenhua Daily Chemical Products Co. Ltd., B08, 9 sqm

Wing Tai Adhesive-Product Factory Co. Ltd., B77, B78, 18 sqm

Wuxi Jiadali Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd., B44, 9 sqm

Wuxi Jianuo Delicate Chemical Equipment Factory, B64, 9 sqm

Wuxi Qunxing Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd., B39, 9 sqm

Wuxi Wan Li Adhesion Materials Factory, C30, 9 sqm

Wuxi Xiguang Organic Silicones Material Plant, C09, 9 sqm

Wuzhou Sun Shine Forestry & Chemicals Co. Ltd. of Guangxi, B74, B75, 18 sqm

Xi'an Hangang Chemical Co. Ltd., C101, 9 sqm

Xionghao Industry Co. Ltd., C50, 9 sqm

Yantai Dongfang Adhesive Co. Ltd., C16, 9 sqm

Yexin International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., B65, 9 sqm

Youxing Enterprises (Zhongshan) Adhesive Co. Ltd., C78, C92, 18 sqm

Yucheng Chemical Plant of Shandong Yuwang Industrial Co. Ltd., B42, B43, 18 sqm

Zhangjiagang Sunglory Chemical Co. Ltd., C23, 9 sqm

Zhangzhou Yensi Chemicals Co. Ltd., B73, 9 sqm

Zhejiang Golden Roc Chemical Co. Ltd., B05, B06, B16, B17, 36 sqm

Zhejiang Huangyan Guanghua Adhesive Factory, C39, 9 sqm

Zhejiang Kaihua Natural Resin Plant, C46, 9 sqm

Zhuzhou Sonbon Forest Chemical Co. Ltd., C42, 9 sqm