A new catalog describes Devcon's comprehensive selection of products for maintenance and repair, as well as adhesives for original equipment manufacturing. Color photographs illustrate surface preparation and product use. Devcon's time-tested, money-saving compounds for plant maintenance and equipment repair can be applied by in-house personnel with minimal training. The new catalog describes the world's most extensive assortment of epoxy-, urethane-, and methacrylate-based products for repairing metal, rubber, concrete, and other surfaces; coatings for protecting equipment exposed to abrasion, corrosion and chemicals; and emergency-repair products that allow damaged equipment to be returned to service in minutes. Specific product lines include Wear Guard abrasion-resistant compounds designed to extend the life of critical process equipment, and Floor Savers epoxy compounds for maintenance, repair and resurfacing of industrial floors. The company's complete family of adhesives for OEM bonding and assembly includes: flexible, high-strength epoxies; advanced methcrylates for plastics, composites and metals; SUPERLOCK threadlocking adhesives; Zip Grip instant cyanoacrylates; Syon electrically conductive adhesives; Flexane castable urethanes; and a line of silicone sealants.

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