A new full-color brochure from Interpolymer Corp. highlights the many uses of the company's specialty polymers. Interpolymer's Syntran® and Megatran® brand polymers improve the appearance, performance, and cost of personal care, household, floor finishing, automobile, and carpet-cleaning products throughout the world. Others help stabilize solutions in a growing range of industrial processes. Available free of charge, the four-page brochure highlights the three general markets where Interpolymer excels: Surface Care, Consumer Specialties and Industrial Specialties. For Surface Care, Interpolymer offers products and solutions that meet the needs of formulators for cleaning, polishing, and finishing products for virtually anything from floors to carpets to leather goods. For Consumer Specialties, the company's polymers offer a unique chemistry, broad formulation compatibility, and excellent consistency. Formulators will find these polymers easy to use, as they can be added "as is" at room temperature in the preparation of lotions, hair shampoos and conditioners, mascara, lipstick, and fingernail polish. Other polymers are available for various household cleaners, detergents and polishes. For Industrial Specialties, Interpolymer polymers help maintain solution consistency and color, and are used to prevent agglomeration and sedimentation in process water, paints, coatings, caulks, and adhesives, as well as a wide variety of other applications.

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