Dow Corning Corp. has announced a new marketing initiative that will position two of its 100% silicone sealants to aggressively challenge urethanes in the small- to mid-size construction market. Dow Corning Contractors Concrete Sealant (CCS) and Dow Corning Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant (CWS) will be priced to compete directly against comparable urethane products while offering many of the benefits of Dow Corning's premium silicone sealants. "Silicone sealants are often perceived as being too pricey for small commercial projects," said Duane Govitz, marketing manager of Dow Corning Construction Industries, Americas. "Now, with CCS and CWS, industry professionals will no longer have to compromise performance for price." According to Govitz, Contractors Concrete Sealant and Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant are economical, quality sealant choices for low-rise projects such as schools, churches, warehouses, strip malls, condominiums, small apartment buildings and office complexes. "No urethane on the market can beat CCS and CWS when it comes to price, performance, design aesthetics and application flexibility," he said.

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