Gusmer Corporation has introduced the 2004 Gusmer GAP Pro Plural-Component Spray Gun. Featuring the exclusive new Chamber Purge Tube, the 2004 GAP Pro is easily lubricated to prevent non-stick start-ups and offers single-tool access for faster assembly. The new 2004 GAP Pro is specifically designed and built for operators who want to increase productivity and minimize maintenance. Bill Hrynkiewicz, Gusmer's director of sales, says, "When you pick up a spray gun you want maximum comfort - both in feel and reliability. The new GAP Pro Spray Gun is smaller and lighter than other brands, yet it's constructed with metal side seals and hardened tool steel for longer service life and less wear than plastic models. If you want less fatigue, easy maintenance, and more durability, the new 2004 GAP Pro from Gusmer is tough to beat."

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