InnoCentive has announced DuPont as the newest member of its online scientific network. As an InnoCentive "Seeker," DuPont will have the opportunity to increase its R&D potential by posting challenges to a worldwide scientific community without compromising its confidentiality and intellectual property interests. Through a confidential web site,, "Seeker" companies like DuPont can post their toughest R&D challenges to more than 60,000 scientists and researchers in 150 countries worldwide. These "Solvers" can respond with solutions to Challenges and earn a financial reward of up to $100,000 if a viable solution is ultimately submitted. "With DuPont, InnoCentive continues its mission of addressing the R&D challenges of leading global companies by connecting them to the world's brightest scientific minds," said Darren J. Carroll, CEO, InnoCentive. "InnoCentive's community of Solvers is growing exponentially, and we are thrilled that DuPont will be able to leverage this stellar group of scientists to augment its R&D initiatives.

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