Brookfield's Practical Course for laboratory viscometer operators provides attendees with the tools and concepts they need to make the most precise viscosity measurements possible. The course is designed to benefit operators at all levels of experience. The Brookfield team will "deliver experience," explaining difficult concepts using language and terms that are easy to understand. The course is offered at Brookfield's facility in Middleboro, MA, and in major metropolitan areas. Those who attend at Brookfield are encouraged to bring product samples for testing where hands-on time is provided in a relaxed laboratory environment. The Spring/Summer 2005 schedule is as follows: May 12 - Middleboro, MA; May 19 - Columbus, OH; June 9 - Middleboro, MA; June 16 - Seattle, WA; Aug. 11 - Middleboro, MA; Aug. 16 - King of Prussia, PA.

For more information, visit or call (800) 628-8139.