Techcon Systems, an OK International brand and leading provider of benchtop-fluid-dispensing solutions, has introduced two new stainless steel valves to the TS5500 Series Spray Valve family. The TS5540 and TS5540F spray a fine mist of low-viscosity material, such as conformal coating, solvent, oil and grease, precisely and consistently for thin-film fluid deposits. These valves come with a variety of nozzle/cap configurations for spraying different fluid deposit patterns and sizes. The TS5540's three cone-shaped nozzles/caps allow for spraying three sizes of circular-shaped deposits. The TS5540F's three fan-shaped nozzles/caps are designed to spray three sizes of elliptical-shaped deposits. Both valves have a 70 psi (4.8 bar) activation pressure and handle fluid pressure at a maximum of 100 psi (6.9 bar).

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