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Over 150 Years of Growth and Leadership in Specialty Mixing Worldwide

The investment Ross has made in its people and facilities during the last 150 years has yielded a proud record of leadership and innovation. Today, Ross products are built on five continents and sold in most industrialized nations. In the United States alone, Ross products are engineered and built in five plants totaling nearly 200,000 square feet dedicated to engineering, R&D and manufacturing. Our product line includes an exceptionally broad range of mixing and dispersion equipment and multi-axis control systems. We also operate two extensive fabrication plants capable of producing specialty tanks and reaction vessels in sizes as large as any that can be shipped via road or rail.

To meet the immediate process needs of our customers, Ross maintains the world's largest inventory of new and rebuilt mixers. Ross also operates the finest laboratory in the business, the Ross Test and Development Center. For solving processing problems and optimizing mixing systems, this is the best R&D center anywhere.

No other manufacturer of specialty mixing equipment comes close to matching these resources. As a result, no other manufacturer can match our ability to provide exceptional product quality and engineering support, fast delivery and competitive prices.

Pioneering New Mixing Technologies

Ross has led in the development of specialized equipment for mixing, blending and dispersion for more than one hundred years. The VersaMix was the first mixer to offer the flexibility and efficiency of three independently driven agitators. The Ross PowerMix (Patent No. 4697929), an ingenious combination of a high-speed disperser and a planetary blade, advanced productivity even more dramatically. Recently, Ross introduced a new Dual Shaft Mixer - a welcome alternative for manufacturers looking for both outstanding performance and economy. With a low-speed anchor agitator and a high-speed disperser, this new change-can mixer is ideal for applications spanning a wide range of viscosities.

New Double Planetary Mixer for Ultrahigh-Viscosity Adhesives and Sealants

Ross's latest development is a new DPM Double Planetary Mixer that can replace high-horsepower, high-cost Sigma-blade mixers in many applications. Designed to handle viscosities of up to 10 million centipoise, the new mixer includes a unique helical-blade design. The new blades easily mix heavy materials - like putties and highly loaded silicone sealants - while pushing the material down and away from the internal drive assembly. This improves mixing, simplifies discharge and makes clean-up much faster.

Innovations That Improve End-Product Quality and Reduce Processing Costs

With innovations like these, Ross remains the acknowledged leader in specialty mixing equipment worldwide. For virtually any adhesive or sealant application, Ross can deliver the necessary experience, equipment and controls.

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